A Journey of Smiles

This project was shot from 2000-2006 during Operation Smile Missions in India, China, Africa and Brazil. We arrived at the sites and tried to remain as unobtrusive as possible, just being observers. Sometimes that was hard, in Africa a child stumbled into our area with no visible defects but very ill. Everybody dropped everything and tried to save the child, sadly he died of Malaria.

Our aim was to try to capture the spirit of each mission and to follow the crew from unloading the cargo, selecting the children to operate on, to the surgeries and recovery. We wanted to show the scope of how hard these volunteers work, most of them using their vacation days to attend missions.

At times it was heart-wrenching and felt shallow to be taking pictures. But at the end of the day we were always impressed by the immediate effect Operation Smile has on these children and hoped that this book would show that. In a 45 minute surgery, the child is fixed. It really is a miracle.